To Bouquet or not to Bouquet - what is the difference?

Which bouquet style do you like best?

To Bouquet or not to Bouquet - what is the difference?

To Bouquet or not to Bouquet - what is the difference?

When we have clients come to us for a consultation, one of the first questions I ask is have they thought about the style of bouquet they would like and of course what style of dress they are having as the two are intrinsically linked.  You do not want a pea on a drum – equally you do not want a bouquet that is going to swamp you and that stunning dress you have so lovingly chosen.

Quite often the next question is what is the difference.  Most Brides will choose a hand tied bouquet and usually definitely for the Bridesmaids this style.  However there are lots of different styles and below I have set out the different ones so when you go to visit your florist you will have more idea about what you like and just as importantly what you do not.


Hand Tied Bouquets.

This is definitely the most popular type of bouquet, Easy to hold and easily recognisable.  But did you know that within the group there are various types?


Formal – Usually all one flower round and very structured.  Choose this if you want a simple style or have a very structured dress – unfussy and elegant


Semi-Formal – Usually a mixed bouquet of blooms but still quite round and structured in shape – The ones most brides choose it allows different textures and colours to be used but still remaining classic and elegant.


Loose. – This is  more textured and has more “attitude” – choose this if you are looking for a vintage look.


Meadow or Garden Style. – This is very on trend, giving you that just “picked from the field” look. A great bouquet if you are also looking to use “British flowers” as this bouquet will lend itself to this well.



Shower and Teardrop Bouquets 

These are the style of bouquets most of our grandmothers had.  They are long flowing and stunning but today we have made them more on trend and of the moment.  They can be made on a bouquet holder or hand wired.  I prefer to hand wire mine although this is time consuming I feel it gives a more natural look.



Freestyle and Bespoke Bouquets   

This category allows you to indulge the imagination.  Ask you florist to design a really personal bouquet that reflects you and your style.  Let them show you what they really are capable of.  Here are some of the ones we have been asked for:-




Don’t forget that it's the little details, like the handle, that can really make your bouquet stand out - but that’s a whole different blog!


Finally on the subject of bouquets, do not be afraid to ask.

We were once asked to do the following bouquet for a Bride that got married in a castle in the middle of winter.  A professionally florist can usually achieve most things (and yes those are real fairy lights!)

The styles of your wedding dress and bouquet are intrinsically linked.